Interactive Platform to launch effective Humanitarian Initiatives

FOOD FOR NEED Initiatives that aim provide discounted food for those on need, collects extra food, and distribute the food.

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Call for resturants

Resturant Owners

Join the initiative by offering discounted meals and collecting excess food in order to be distributed to eligible families.

We aim to create a network of resturants and eligible personnel and families through FOOD FOR NEED Initiative

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Become a Partner:

Public & Government entities who can allow us to collect excessive food from their workplace are welcome to register their interest.

Humanitarian Entities & NGOs who can assist us with delivering the food to the eligible personnel and families are welcome to register their interest.

Become a Partner

Using Latest Technologies

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Reaching whoever in need

Precision & Perfection


We are looking for talented youth who can volunteer with us in order to develop our model through bringing up innovative ideas and methodologies in order to leave a positive impact in the community.

Youth who are interested in volunteering with us can register in the link below.

Be part of the initiative

Meals Distributed




Families Benefited



The Team

The Process

Step 1
Buy a discounted meal from nearst resturant in the following list. Nearst Resturant List
Step 2
The Volunteering Team will collect the meal and give it to the eligible personnel or family.
Step 3
A Picture will be sent in order to verify that the meal was delivered to those who need it.

Self Process

Preparing the Food
While cooking in home, add extra portion in order to distribute it to the workers near your area.
Deliver the Food
Search for the nearst eligible individuals or families in your areas.
Share your experience
Share your experience in order to motivate other to participate through social media hastag (#ويطعمون_الطعام or #FoodForNeed).